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Pulled Pork & Beans

This is our delicious Catering Dept Pulled pork recipe, serve with coleslaw and throw into a slider.

4 T Oil
1.5kg pork shoulder - skinless in large chunks
2 onions sliced
4 cloves garlic
2 T coriander seeds, lightly crushed
400ml red wine
680ml passata
1x A10 cannellini beans


The Catering Dept.

 The Catering Dept is mucho stoked to be able to bring you events at...

Kate Sheppard House
Built in 1888, this private home with historical value, is secluded in urban acre of enchanting gardens in the leafy suburb of Ilam, Christchurch.This charming venue is renowned for impressive events including delightful garden cocktail parties, day meetings and conference dinners, Christmas parties, gala celebrations, auctions and charity events. Enquire with us today for hosting your next event at Kate Sheppard House.

 A venue site just south of Christchurch in Weedons.  With a big 'barn' and a little barn, it's perfect for 10 to 400 guests.  It's just been flashed up quite a bit including seriously stunning pendant chandeliers.  Think about the Catering Dept at Larcomb for your next event.


The Catering Dept believes bringing in the caterers shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. But a better price shouldn't mean a compromise on quality or edge. We're about the familiar, ridiculously delicious food, some old favourites (cheese rolls!), some new concepts (fancy cheese rolls!) and the very best of that famous Kiwi hospitality.

We make it easy and affordable to look after your friends, colleagues, staff and clients with innovative takes on traditional catering. It's all about something delicious and familiar, say…a bacon buttie….made with homemade bread and award-winning Peter Timbs bacon, so basically, bacon buttie of heaven. Or a yummy lamb chop. But what about the best of Canterbury lamb cutlet with a bread and parmesan crumb…handfuls of them so it's like your very own lamb cutlet bouquet and nibble away on lamb of outrageous deliciousness. Do you remember chocolate eclairs old school styles? Then you should try our dark chocolate glazed eclairs with chocolate pastry cream…steal a platter and find a corner because you won't want to share. Same goes for our venison burgers and our steak and dark ale pies, or our little boxes of shrimp popcorn.

Friendly, accessible, delicious and relaxed. The Catering Dept.

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